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Aurora Overview

Aurora is an extremely powerful, configurable and easily usable API for implementing beautiful cross-platform interface elements into your app. Add them into your interface once and behold as iOS and Android become a gorgeous, unified whole with half the work as before.

To facilitate this ease, Aurora provides you with various elements to use. These consist of:


That provide ways to display data in an easy-to-use manner.


The bread and butter of Aurora. These are the interface elements that make your app look good across both platforms.


Different effects to apply to controls to make them look even more stunning.


Ways to extend the capabilities of Aurora controls.


The perfect way to easily measure data within your app.

Image Processing

Various processing effects that change the way any image in your app will look.

Loading Views

To make loading in your app seem a most beautiful process rather than a mundane one.

Visual Effects

An assortment of effects to change the look and feel of the many elements Aurora provides.

Version Overview


The Lite version of Aurora contains the following controls for you to experiment with:

  • Cupertino Button
  • Cupertino Toggle Switch
  • Gradient Color View
  • Material Toggle Switch
  • SVG Image View