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Numeric Entry Control

The Numeric Entry control lets the developer implement text boxes for formatted numbers based on localization and scenario.

This allows you to limit the amount and style of numbers being entered, preventing entry of unwanted numbers.



Value - double

Gets or sets the value.

MaxValue - double

Gets or sets the maximum value.

MinValue - double

Gets or sets the minimum value.

Format - string

Gets or sets the format. Default value is "0.##"

MaxDecimalPlaces - uint

Gets or sets the max decimal places. Default is 2u.

CultureInfo - CultureInfo

Gets or sets the culture info to match user's locality.

Example Usage


<aurora:NumericEntry MaxValue="100" MinValue="0" />


var number = new NumericEntry
        MaxValue = 250,
        CultureInfo = new System.Globalization.CultureInfo("en-US")