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Gradient Circular Button Control

The Gradient Circular Button is a simple way for a programmer to add colorful themed buttons to their app.



ButtonBackgroundColor Color

Gets or sets the color of the button background. Default is Xamarin.Forms.Color.Default.

BorderWidth double

Gets or sets the width of the border. Default is 0d.

BorderColor Color

Gets or sets the color of the border. Default is White.

ShadowColor Color

Gets or sets the color of the shadow. Default is Color.FromRgba(0d, 0d, 0d, .33d).

ShadowLocation Point

Gets or sets the shadow location.

GradientDirection GradientDirection

Gets or sets the gradient direction. Default direction is Horizontal.

public enum GradientDirection

Ripples bool

Gets or sets a value indicating whether button ripples or not.

Command ICommand

CommandParameter object

Example Usage


<aurora:GradientCircularButton x:Name="circularButton" ButtonBackgroundColor="Purple" ShadowLocation="0,1" />


var circular = new Aurora.Controls.GradientCircularButton
        Ripples = true,
        BackgroundColor = Color.Aqua,
        BorderWidth = 10