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Waves Loading

The loading Waves gives your app some flair during loading sequences by providing an indicator that shows parallax waves in the colors and amounts of your choosing.


WaveCount - int

Gets or sets the wave count. Default value is 5.

WaveHeight - double

Gets or sets the height of the wave. Default is 40d.

WaveStacks - int

Gets or sets the wave stacks. Default value is 3.

ForegroundWaveColor - Color

Gets or sets the color of the foreground wave. Default is Xamarin.Forms.Color.Default.

BackgroundWaveColor - Color

Gets or sets the color of the background wave. Default is Xamarin.Forms.Color.Default.

AnimatingPercentage - double

Gets the animating percentage.


void StartAnimating(uint rate = 16, uint length = 250, Easing easing = null)

Starts the step animation.

rate: The time, in milliseconds, between frames.

length: The number of milliseconds over which to interpolate the animation.

easing: The easing function to use to transision in, out, or in and out of the animation.

void StopAnimating()

Stops the steps animation.

Example Usage


<aurora:Waves x:Name="loading" WaveCount="3" WaveStacks="3" WaveHeight="80" ForegroundWaveColor="#0D47A1" BackgroundWaveColor="#BBDEFB" BackgroundColor="#E91E63" /> 


var waves = new Waves
    WaveCount = 2,
    WaveStacks = 5,
    ForegroundWaveColor = Color.Blue,
    BackgroundWaveColor = Color.Aqua

Example Styles

A wave indicator with WaveCount of 2, WaveStacks of 4, WaveHeight of 80, ForegroundWaveColor of AliceBlue and BackgroundWaveColor of DarkGray:

var example1 = new Waves
    WaveCount = 2,
    WaveStacks = 4,
    WaveHeight = 80,
    ForegroundWaveColor = Color.AliceBlue,
    BackgroundWaveColor = Color.DarkGray
<aurora:Waves x:Name="example1" WaveCount="2" WaveStacks="4" WaveHeight="80" ForegroundWaveColor="#F0F8FF" BackgroundWaveColor="#A9A9A9" /> 

A wave indicator with WaveCount of 6, WaveStacks of 2, WaveHeight of 35, ForegroundWaveColor of DarkSeaGreen, BackgroundWaveColor of Gold and BackgroundColor of Indigo:

var example2 = new Waves
    WaveCount = 6,
    WaveStacks = 2,
    WaveHeight = 35,
    ForegroundWaveColor = Color.DarkSeaGreen,
    BackgroundWaveColor = Color.Gold,
    BackgroundColor = Color.Indigo
<aurora:Waves x:Name="example2" WaveCount="6" WaveStacks="2" WaveHeight="35" ForegroundWaveColor="#8FBC8B" BackgroundWaveColor="#FFD700" BackgroundColor="#4B0082" />