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Circular Fill Gauge

The Circular Fill Gauge offers a unique way to display progress and percentages through a colorful graph.



ProgressPercentage - double

Gets or sets the progress percentage.

ProgressColor - Color

Gets or sets the color of the progress. Default value is Color.Default.

ProgressBackgroundColor - Color

Gets or sets the color of the progress background. Default value is Color.Default.


Task<bool> TransitionTo(double progressPercentage, uint rate = 16, uint length = 250, Easing easing = null)

Transitions the progress percentage. Returns a Task boolean when the Task is complete.

progressPercentage: Progress percentage.

rate: The time, in milliseconds, between frames.

length: The number of milliseconds over which to interpolate the animation.

easing: The easing function to use to transision in, out, or in and out of the animation.

Example Usage


<aurora:CircularFillGauge x:Name="gauge1" ProgressColor="#59ff0000" ProgressBackgroundColor="Gray" />


var circle = new CircularFillGauge
    ProgressColor = Color.Brown,
    ProgressBackgroundColor = Color.White

Example Styles

A gauge with a ProgressPercentage of 25, ProgressColor of Aqua and ProgressBackgroundColor of Black:


var circle = new CircularFillGauge
    ProgressPercentage = 25,
    ProgressColor = Color.Aqua,
    ProgressBackgroundColor = Color.Black
<aurora:CircularFillGauge x:Name="circle" ProgressColor="#00FFFF" ProgressBackgroundColor="Black" ProgressPercentage="25" />

A gauge with a ProgressPercentage of 75, ProgressColor of Navy and ProgressBackgroundColor of Purple:


var circle = new CircularFillGauge
    ProgressPercentage = 75,
    ProgressColor = Color.Navy,
    ProgressBackgroundColor = Color.Purple
<aurora:CircularFillGauge x:Name="circle" ProgressColor="Navy" ProgressBackgroundColor="Purple" ProgressPercentage="75" />