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Segmented Control

The Segmented Control gives you the ability to provide a control to your users that mimics those found on iOS. This control provides multiple tap areas used to divide certain portions of a screen in your app. It also allows the user to choose between multiple selections in a clean control.



SegmentControlStyle - SegmentedControlStyle

Gets or sets the style of the control. Default value is SegmentedControlStyle.Cupertino.

ControlForegroundColor - Color

Gets or sets the foreground color. Default value is CupertinoActiveBlue.

ControlBackgroundColor - Color

Gets or sets the background color. Default value is White.

BorderSize - double

Gets or sets the border size. Default value is 2d.

FontSize - double

Gets or sets the font size. Default value is DefaultButtonFontSize.

Typeface - SKTypeface

Gets or sets the typeface.

CornerRadius - int

Gets or sets the corner radius. Default value is 4.

SelectedIndex - int

Gets or sets the selected index of the control. Default value is -1.

Example Usage


<aurora:SegmentedControl x:Name="SegmentedControl" SegmentControlStyle="Cupertino">
                    <aurora:Segment Text="Test 1" ForegroundColor="Lime" EmbeddedImageName="triforce.svg" />
                    <aurora:Segment Text="Test 2" EmbeddedImageName="device.svg" />
                    <aurora:Segment Text="Test 3" ForegroundColor="Fuchsia" EmbeddedImageName="splatoon.svg" />


var segment = new SegmentedControl
        SegmentControlStyle = SegmentedControlStyle.Cupertino