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Image Button Control

The Image Button provides you with a control to turn an image into a button and then color and animate it.

This makes it easy to turn simple SVG files into themed buttons that match the character of your app without having to open up external editing tools and change the image itself.



EmbeddedImageName - string

Gets or sets the name of the embedded image.

Animated - bool

Gets or sets a value indicating whether the button is animated or not.

AnimationEasing - Easing

Gets or sets the animation easing. Default value is Easing.CubicInOut.

OverlayColor - Color

Gets or sets the color of the overlay. Default is Transparent.

An OverlayColor of Maroon:


An OverlayColor of Green:


Command - ICommand

Gets or sets the command.

CommandParameter - object

Gets or sets the command parameter.

Example Usage


<aurora:ImageButton x:Name="imageButton" OverlayColor="Maroon" EmbeddedImageName="splatoon.svg" HeightRequest="66"/>


var imageButton = new Aurora.Controls.ImageButton
        EmbeddedImageName = "sample.svg",
        OverlayColor = Color.Green,
        Animated = true