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Confetti Control

The Confetti control adds a bit of flair to any screen!


MaxParticles - int

Gets or sets the max particles. This property defines the maximum number of particles desired. Can be a minimum of 1 or a maximum of 1500. Default is 250 particles.

AnimatingPercentage - double

Gets or sets the animating percentage. Default is 0d.

Continuous - bool

Gets or sets a value indicating whether the ConfettiView will play once and stop or loop continously.


void StartAnimating(uint rate = 16, uint length = 250, Easing easing = null)

Starts the confetti animation.

rate: The time, in milliseconds, between frames.

length: The number of milliseconds over which to interpolate the animation.

easing: The easing function to use to transision in, out, or in and out of the animation.

void StopAnimating()

Stops the animation.

void StopConfetti()

Stops the confetti.

Example Usage


<aurora:ConfettiView x:Name="confetti" MaxParticles="100" Grid.Row="5" />


var confetti = new Aurora.Controls.ConfettiView
        MaxParticles = 100,
        Continuous = true