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Check Box Group

The Check Box Group allows you to place Aurora's check box controls into a functional, useful and convenient whole. Use it in conjunction with Check Box Layout to link the group to the layout in your interface.



AllowEmptySelection - bool

Gets or sets the ability to allow empty selections.

SelectedValue - CheckBox

Gets the selected value of a check box selection.

Example Usage


var checkGroup = new CheckBoxGroup
                AllowEmptySelection = false,
                Children = {
                    check1, check2, check3, check4

Example Styles

Simply call the properties on the children to change the style of the check boxes within the group. Using the above group as an example:


check1.BorderColor = Color.Green;
check2.BorderColor = Color.Blue;
check3.BorderColor = Color.Brown;
check4.BorderColor = Color.Orange;