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Notification Badge

The notification badge allows you implement a badge on icons within your app in the style of badges on iOS and Android. The badge has an additional benefit of a range of customization options to better match your app's theme.



BadgeColor - Color

Gets or sets the color of the badge. Default value is Color.Red.

FontColor - Color

Gets or sets the color of the font. Default value is Color.White.

TooManyNotificationsSymbol - string

Gets or sets the symbol for too many notifications. Default is infinity symbol (∞).

FontSize - double

Gets or sets the font size. Default is 16d.

Typeface - SKTypeface

Gets or sets the typeface.

MaxBadgeSize - double

Gets or sets the maximum size of the badge itself. Default is 0d.

HideBadgeIfZero - bool

Gets or sets a value determining whether or not to hide the badge if there are no notifications.

HasShadow - bool

Gets or sets a value that determines if the notification has a shadow or not.

ShadowSpread - double

Gets or sets the shadow spread. Default is 2d.

NotificationCount - int

Gets or sets the amount of notifications. Default is 0.

Example Usage


<aurora:NotificationBadge x:Name="tile1Badge" NotificationCount="3"></aurora:NotificationBadge>


var badge = new NotificationBadge
    NotificationCount = 4,
    BadgeColor = Color.Orange,
    FontSize = 12